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5 steps to creating the perfect core workout program

The reason for posting this is that the core is the link between the lower and upper body. If it’s a weak link, performance will suffer despite any other training. Think swimming – what turns your chest on edge while breathing and back again, your core. Running, what stabilizes your back, your core. It’s important and should not be overlooked.

This excerpt is from the book, Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy. It’s published with permission of Human Kinetics. Purchase this book from Human Kinetics and help keep in business!

Set your goals.

The very first step in creating your core workout program is to be specific when defining your goals. Are you working out for these reasons?

  • To get a six-pack
  • To get a slimmer waist
  • To maintain your cardiovascular health
  • and fitness
  • To increase your athletic performance

Often, your goals may be a combination of several of the items listed. However, if you do not define your goals well, it will be difficult to establish an optimal program. Write down your goals on paper so that you can read them before every workout.

Then, you need to quantify your goals. For example, I want to

  • be able to see my abs in 3 months,
  • lose 2 inches off my waist in 2 months, and
  • double the number of sets I can do in 10 minutes to increase my endurance within 15 days.

The time frame and amount of progress for your goals must be realistic. Keep in mind that no one ever progresses as fast as desired. You might often feel that you have hit a plateau. But with a good program, a true plateau is rare. By quantifying your goals and creating monthly milestones, you will more easily be able to gauge your progress. Each step you achieve will serve as motivation to continue exercising. We provide some typical programs in Continue reading