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Join USA Triathlon in recognizing the eighth class of Hall of Fame inductees at the Hall of Fame banquet on January 16, 2016.
Our USAT Coaching Business Innovation Retreat is slated for the winter of 2015 and will strengthen coaches’ entrepreneurial tool kit and program development practices to give them staying power in a growing sports industry. This two day event (held December 10 & 11, 2015 in Colo
USAT Approved CEU in Raleigh, NC
The 2015 USA Triathlon Long Course Duathlon National Championships will take place November 14 as part of the Bronda's Duathlon in Fort Worth, Texas. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
What You Will Learn:  This CEU session will focus on the fifth component to triathlon performance; mental fitness and how coach credibility can help foster it! This session will discuss the key components of creating and maintaining a credible relationship between athlete and coa
USAT Approved CEU Opportunity in Salt Lake City, UT
USA Triathlon’s Youth and Junior Coaching Certification Program is designed to educate current USAT certified coaches on how to train youth and junior athletes safely and effectively throughout their developmental stages. This clinic provides coaches with specialized youth and junior coaching skills and drills, age appropriate training regimes and testing protocols, physiological and nutritional considerations, and basic training techniques to develop successful youth and junior athletes.
In this webinar, Dave Burgess will discuss the topic of blood lactate anaerobic threshold testing, and how these results impact heart rate, or power, based training prescriptions. The most typical types of tests will be discussed, and also how to track these values on an on-going basis with your athlete through repeated testing. Also covered will be how this information is critical to training specificity and how training zones can be better utilized for all race distances.
TrainingPeaks University is about helping coaches to become more efficient, get new clients and ultimately grow their business! Topics include: Getting your athletes to update data consistently Setting up efficient workflows to save valuable time How to leverage work
The 2015 USA Triathlon Aquathlon National Championships will be held October 4 as part of the Route 66 Aquathlon in El Reno, Okla. Please click here to register.
The 2015 USA Triathlon Long Course Triathlon National Championships will take place September 26 (UPDATED) as part of the Redman Triathlon in Oklahoma City, Okla. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
The 2015 USA Triathlon Club National Championships will take place September 12 as part of the Halfmax Championship in Innsbrook, Mo. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
USAT Approved CEU opportunity in Houston, TX.
USAT CEU with QT2 Systems in Hartford, CT.
Dehydration by as little as 2% can impair performance and delay recovery however training and competing for triathlon requires exposure to environmental conditions which challenge our ability to stay optimally hydrated. Recently there has been a resurgence in the debate of whether athletes should hydrate ad libitum (i.e. at ones discretion) or stay ahead of ones thirst mechanisms. There is also a growing interest in training at dehydrated levels, similar to training while glycogen depleted, to induce greater adaptations for preserving body electrolytes and water. This webinar will outline the physiology mechanisms which underpin fluid and hydration dynamics, examine the scientific research supporting hydrating before feeling thirsty and contrasting with ad libitum protocols, and review the safety and scientific aspects of intentionally training while in a dehydrated state.
In 2013, USA Triathlon launched the Super Sprint Series to introduce a new format of triathlon to the United States, providing an incredibly fast, spectator-friendly event featuring the world’s best elite triathletes. The venues put fans in the center of the action, with athletes co
This conference is intended for physicians, triathlon coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapist, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, exercise physiologists, health-care providers of active patients, and athletes who just want to know more. The purpose of this is to provide h
MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION: PUTTING YOUR CAREER GOALS INTO ACTION DeVry University is pleased to provide a FREE webinar on goal setting: Move in the Right Direction: Putting your Career Goals into Action. The webinar focuses on how you can acquire the skills needed to create your care
For Distance Runners and Coaches of All Levels, Ages and Abilities The Running Summit comes to Seattle as Running Summit West, August 1-2 at Seattle University. The event will bring together four top coaches, authors and professionals in the sport to share their expertise: Jack Dani
USA Triathlon will be hosting a FREE Youth Nationals Pre-Race clinic on Friday, July 31st from 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio. In this clinic, athletes will be guided through adjusted youth swim, bike, and run courses as well as the transition area*. The clinic is limited to the first 100 registrants ages 7-15 and is free to all athletes who are registered for the Youth and Junior Nationals race. All athletes must hold a current USA Triathlon youth annual membership.